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Net Neutrality Resurrected: Jake Morabito on The Tim Jones and Chris Arps Show

We need to let the free market let innovators and businesses create products that will serve consumers and allow experimentation in a responsible way as the kind of allows that innovation to flourish.

Jake Morabito, ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force Director, talks with hosts Tim Jones and Chris Arps about how on Thursday, October 19, the FCC will take the first step toward reenacting the harmful net neutrality regulations reclassifying internet as a Title II common carrier.

I want you to go back in time five years ago, you may remember there’s a lot of hubbub in the news media, about the Trump administration was repealing the Obama era net neutrality rules that you just mentioned. So now the Biden administration is trying to reinstall those onerous 2015 Obama era regulations that would essentially give the federal government extended control over the way that the internet and the service providers operate. It would actually impede private sector innovation that makes our networks better and would actually have negative consequences for consumers and make service more expensive.

President Biden decided to resurrect net neutrality, and I really don’t understand why. You’ve seen since net neutrality was repealed you may remember there were several dire warnings about the internet as we know it… But what we’ve actually seen, as you look at the data and not look at anecdotal predictions, broadband investment and consumer internet speeds are actually way up since 2018. In fact, the private sector has invested over $102 billion dollars in American broadband networks. Enacting these onerous regulations would actually set us back and hinder our goal of expanding broadband access.

Listen to the full interview here.