New Model Policies from the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force at the 48th ALEC Annual Meeting

This July at ALEC’s 2021 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, our Energy, Environment and Agriculture (EEA) Task Force was thrilled to have rich policy discussions on topics ranging from the preservation of existing nuclear power plants to affordable energy. Here are the seven new model policies passed by the EEA Task Force:

  1. Resolution Urging States To Establish Electric vehicle Charging Stations As A Competitive Market Free From Utility Commission Regulation

This model resolution urges state utility commissions to establish the electric vehicle charging market as a competitive market outside of utility commission control. The regulated utility may use investor funds to build their own fleet of electric vehicle charging stations but are forbidden from using electric customer funds.

  1. Safeguarding Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Act

This model policy ensures that state agencies may not create or enforce any policies that regulate the emission of greenhouse gases with the intent to control changes in global atmospheric temperature without specific legislative authorization.

  1. Resolution Supporting Reliable And Affordable Energy

To counteract discriminatory practices and to promote low cost and reliable energy, this model resolution proposes that government action to disincentive, penalize or restrict carbon dioxide emissions is ineffective and detrimental public policy.

  1. Resolution To Protect Energy Market Access

This resolution holds that the best way to ensure reliable, affordable, secure and economical energy is through the diversification of energy sources. The resolution encourages the maintenance and development of a diverse set of energy sources by opposing the creation of any restrictions or prohibitions of certain electrical technologies.

  1. Resolution Supporting The Preservation Of The Existing Nuclear Fleet And Development Of Advanced Nuclear Technologies

This resolution details that nuclear energy is an efficient, reliable and affordable source of energy. The resolution supports the development and creation of new nuclear power plants as well as the maintenance and preservation of existing ones.

  1. Resolution On Environmental And Economic Stewardship

This model resolution encourages the private sector to take the lead on economically viable and innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

  1. Affordable, Reliable, And Resilient Electricity Act

This model act creates a framework in which state legislatures can promote a resilient, affordable and reliable electric grid that meets peak net load and peak demand even in extreme weather events.

The EEA Task Force is looking forward to ALEC’s States and Nation Policy Summit held on December 1st through December 3rd in San Diego, California. Registration is now open.

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