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Op-ed With The Virginian-Pilot: Transparency in Health Care Costs Gets a Boost in Virginia

Brooklyn Roberts, Senior Director of the Health and Services Task force at ALEC, recently placed an op-ed with The Virginian-Pilot, discussing a bipartisan win for Virginians. House Bill 481 might soon require hospitals in Virginia to disclose the price of medial service across the board, lending insight to those in need of medical attention.

“After passing unanimously through the Senate and House of Delegates this month, House Bill 481, which requires Virginia hospitals to make public a list of standard charges for all items and services provided, now heads to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s desk for his signature,” Brooklyn writes.

“Patients are paying for their health care, be it through cost-sharing measures or insurance premiums, and it is important for them to understand the cost of the services they are receiving.”

Through her article, Brooklyn explains how the passage of this measure, which ALEC has supported for years, was made possible through the partnership and support of both sides of the isle.

To read Brooklyn’s op-ed, click here.