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Reevaluating Use of No-Knock Raids Can Protect Police and the Public: ALEC Op-Ed in Orange County Register

In his latest op-ed for the Orange County Register, ALEC Criminal Justice Task Force Director Nino Marchese detailed the findings of his new ALEC report, No-Knock Raids: Examining the Risk, Controversy and Constitutionality.

These raids have become far more dangerous for police officers than ever anticipated. Utilizing no-knock raids for relatively small drug-bust investigations or to serve a standard arrest warrant may not be the smartest use of such a practice, given the associated risks and dangers.

What is needed now throughout the states are well-trained and well-led police forces with clear objectives and strategies to target the violent crime occurring on the streets — not a continued over-use of a practice which unnecessarily puts the lives of officers at risk.

Read the full op-ed here.