Reopening Schools in the Time of COVID-19: Why Options and Innovation Matter

2020 ALEC Annual Meeting Workshop

As a battle brews over when and how to reopen schools, we examine what success looks like. How can federal relief both expand options for families and empower states to be innovative? And how do we prevent permanent closure of private schools serving children from lower-income families?


  • Tommy Schultz, American Federation for Children
  • Scott Jensen, American Federation for Children
  • Denisha Merriweather, American Federation for Children
  • Nydya Salazar, Voices For Choice at American Federation for Children

In Depth: Education

An excellent education has long been recognized as key to the American Dream. Unfortunately, the current monopolistic and expensive K-12 education system is failing our students, leaving them unprepared for college, careers, or life. Similarly, our higher education system is leaving students with higher debt burdens and fewer career guarantees…

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