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State Lawmakers Must Proceed Cautiously in Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Jake Morabito on NTD News

ALEC Communications and  Technology Task Force Director Jake Morabito was featured on NTD News advising state lawmakers to avoid the tempation to regulate Artificial Intelligence out existence before the technology can even get off the ground.

This is still a relatively new and nascent technology. Something I am concerned about is that if legislators get too far ahead of the curve with legislation, they’re going to stifle tech innovation and really limit the ability of these technology companies to work with businesses here at home to improve the product and improve choice for consumers.

States such as Arizona and Utah are doing a good thing by giving private companies space to innovate and explore with new technologies. They have regulatory sandboxes in which they can experiment in a controlled environment where the attorney general is able to protect consumers but still allow companies to innovate with technologies such as ChatGPT, drones or block chain.

Watch full NTD News interview here.