State Legislator of the Month – MS Representative Becky Currie

Thank you, Rep. Becky Currie

It is our privilege to announce Mississippi House Representative Becky Currie as this month’s recipient of the ALEC-FreedomWorks State Legislator of the Month award. This award is used to highlight substantive state policy successes by state legislators – bringing their local story to a national platform. The FreedomWorks network of activists is second to none in supporting the efforts of liberty-loving state legislators.

Representative Currie has been hard at work sponsoring legislation to help Mississippi experience the benefits of universal occupational license recognition. Universal recognition is a logical approach that allows people to utilize the work experience and occupational license they already have when they apply for a license to work in a new state. Easing the friction of reobtaining a license can increase geographic mobility by attracting individuals to the best job opportunities and help states combat issues like unemployment and labor market stagnation.

Not only will Representative Currie’s initiative help broaden the Mississippi labor market, but universal recognition is a crucial element for an effective post-pandemic economic recovery. By recognizing licenses that meet or exceed Mississippi licensing standards, the state work force can acquire labor and talent more efficiently – offering businesses the human capital and skilled tradesmen the opportunities they need to succeed. Universal recognition is a recipe for success in Mississippi, and Representative Currie made it happen for her state.

Thank you, Representative Currie, for protecting individual liberty and free enterprise in the states. Congratulations on being the newest ALEC-FreedomWorks State Legislator of the Month.