Environmental Stewardship

State Legislator of the Month – MT Senator Jennifer Fielder

State legislators get elected and fight every day because they care about advancing sound policy for their constituents. That’s why ALEC focuses on helping those who stand up as citizen legislators – like Montana Senator Jennifer Fielder.

Senator Fielder’s work doesn’t stop in the Montana Capitol. She is the CEO of the nonprofit organization American Lands Council, which charts a peaceful path to better and more accountable management of public lands and natural resources. She has dedicated her life to making Montana a better place for everyone.

When there is federal mismanagement of your and your neighbor’s backyard, it’s time to have you and your neighbor management the land instead. Senator Fielder gets that, and it’s why she is awarded the June ALEC-FreedomWorks State Legislator of the Month.

In Depth: Environmental Stewardship

Listen to any news broadcast, read any press release from an environmental advocacy group or simply watch the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) propose new regulation after new regulation, and it would be nearly impossible to not come away concerned or even fearful of imminent environmental disaster. It should come…

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