State Legislator of the Month, September 2022: Assemblyman Robert J. Smullen

Assemblyman Robert J. Smullen

New York State Assembly, District 118

First Assumed Office: 2019


It is our privilege to announce New York Assemblyman Robert J. Smullen as this month’s recipient of the ALEC State Legislator of the Month award. ALEC works to include legislators from across the nation who support free market and limited government principles. Assemblyman Smullen has always been committed to lowering taxes, lessening regulations to strengthen the state’s economy, and protecting our liberty. Additionally, Smullen has tirelessly worked to provide support for veterans, active service personnel, and for his constituents and residents of the state of New York. We are honored to profile a legislator who has dedicated so much of his time and service to the American people. 

In 2003, Smullen and ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson were both appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as Commissioners for the White House Fellows Program and that is where Smullen and Nelson first began working together. Smullen graduated with a B.A. from The Citadel and an M.A. from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and an M.S. in Resource Management from The Eisenhower School, where he is a distinguished graduate of National Defense University.

During this past legislative session, Assemblyman Smullen was assigned to the following committees: Banks; Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce, and Industry; Environmental Conservation; Higher Education; and Social Services. At ALEC, Smullen serves on the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force and the Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Task Force. Smullen has been an active and engaged member of ALEC attending our recent Annual Meeting, a Tax and Fiscal Policy Academy, and webinars on various issues. 

Last year, Smullen, along with Jonathan Williams, ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist, authored an article, The Fallout from ‘Progressive’ Budgets in New York, in National Review. Smullen and Williams discuss that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many progressive New York state leaders have continued to pursue a big government policy agenda, which has led to the Empire State’s economic outlook ranking dead last in America. 

ALEC’s annual publication Rich States, Poor States, rankings are due to New York’s high income and property taxes, as well as to other anti-growth policies, such as high minimum-wage costs, high Medicaid costs, and high workers’-compensation costs. 

At ALEC, we have enjoyed working with Assemblyman Smullen and congratulate him on being named State Legislator of the Month. Despite New York’s repeated poor Economic Outlook ranking, he is an important voice for free market policy solutions. With Assemblyman Smullen’s energy and optimism, he shares the warning signs he sees in his home state with his peers across the country and continuously fights for a better economic future for all New Yorkers.