Privacy and Security

Stop the Cancel Culture – Before it Stops You!

Join former Gov. Scott Walker (WI) for discussion on how the government or the public can use information that violates your privacy and your First Amendment rights. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and association. Many donor disclosure bills are designed to intimidate people out of associating with organizations and ideas that some government officials may not like. Learn how the government regulates, and the culture cancels, all in the name of “ethics.”  Equip yourself with the Donor Disclosure Legislative Toolkit to protect the citizens of your state from this kind of government overreach.

In Depth: Privacy and Security

A market environment is essential for future success of the Internet. A consumer and private-sector-driven approach to privacy via self-regulation avoids undue regulatory burden that would threaten a thriving electronic marketplace. The Internet has flourished due in large part to the unregulated environment in which it has developed and grown.

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