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Alaska: Budget Standoff Continues as House Votes to Double Permanent Fund Dividends
The state government will partially shut down on July 1st if no resolution reached.

California: California’s Budget Has Two Main Focuses
One-third of the budget goes to education, while the largest program is healthcare.

Connecticut: Without a Connecticut Budget by July 1st, the Options Are All Bad
The previous year’s budget would run a $3.2 billion deficit if a new budget is not passed in time.

Florida: Governor Scott Vetoes Nearly $12 Billion from State Budget

Illinois: Governor Rauner Talks Property Tax Relief as State Budget Crisis Continues
Illinois currently has the second highest property taxes in the Nation.

Illinois: GOP offers ‘compromise’ state budget with familiar reforms

Illinois: Governor talks property tax relief as state budget crisis continues

Kansas: $11 Billion School Debt Exceeds State Debt

Louisiana: Governor Edwards applauds passage of state budget

Maine: Negotiators Fail to Compromise on Budget
The deadline is now if Gov. LePage is to get 10 days to review it before the fiscal year ends.

Minnesota: Budget Veto Weighs on State’s Credit Ratings
S&P said the credit rating would be downgraded if the state fails to fund state debt appropriately.

Mississippi: Legislature Passes Budget Bills, Concludes Special Session

New York: State’s Budget Stirs Fear of Revenue Shortfall
Revenue in first month of fiscal year was already $1 billion short of projections.

Ohio: Senate Slashes $1 Billion from State Budget, Including Cuts to Prisons, Medicaid to Keep the State in the Black

New Hampshire: House, Senate negotiators reach deal on $11.7 billion state budget

North Carolina: Senate and House still Negotiating Budget
The difference in the House and Senate budgets is not if to cut taxes, but where to cut taxes.

Pennsylvania: Governor Gives Update on State Budget
Governor Wolf is still trying to balance the budget; he expects it will be passed sometime between June 30th and July 15th.

Rhode Island:  Legislators near end of state budget negotiations

South Carolina: Governor McMaster Vetoes More than $56 Million from State Budget

Vermont: Governor Scott Vetoes State Budget as Promised

Texas: Governor Abbott Vetoes $120 Million in Spending from $217 Billion State Budget

Washington: Lawmakers near End of Second Special Session
There are still no signs of agreement between House and Senate on state budget.

West Virginia: Senate Passes Budget Package, Sends to House

Wisconsin: Budget Committee Approves Raises for State Employees as Stalemate Continues
As the House and Senate are still battling over the budget, the budget committee makes a small headway.



National: Introduction of H.R. 1124: State and Local Pensions Accountability and Security Act
This federal bill, if enacted, would make it illegal for the Treasury Department to bail out failed state, city, or other municipal pensions.

National: Fitch alters pension math

California: CalPERS only internal watchdog on way out

Colorado: This time, no half-measures on PERA reforms

Illinois:  Chicago: Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund: Nearly $200 in Payouts for every $1 in earnings

Illinois: Could Illinois be the First State to File for Bankruptcy?
It is the only state that has not balanced its budget for two years. A big piece of the state’s indebtedness comes from the pensions. The per household pension debt is $27,000.

Michigan: Michigan adopts most innovative teacher pension reform in the nation

Michigan: Senate and House panels pass revised pension reform bills

Nevada:  State unfunded pension liabilities now as high as $50 billion

Oregon: Changes to PERS part of changes proposed by key Oregon lawmakers

Pennsylvania: Pension Reform Benefits Taxpayers and Employees
Bipartisan pension reform championed by House and Senate Republicans signed by Democratic Governor Wolf.

In Depth: State Budgets

Smart budgeting is vital to a state’s financial health. The ALEC State Budget Reform Toolkit offers more than 20 policy ideas for addressing today’s shortfalls in a forthright manner, without resorting to budget gimmicks or damaging tax increases. One way to stabilize budgets over time is to embrace…

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