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Alaska: Alaska Legislature Will Likely quit for the Summer Without a Fiscal Plan, or Even a Capital Budget

Connecticut: Malloy Details How He Would Manage the State Budget if Lawmakers Fail to Act by June 30

The governor will have to run in the state through executive action if the budget is not passed by June 30.

Delaware: Delaware Lawmakers could Miss Budget Deadline on July 1

Illinois: Must Dig Itself Out Of The Fiscal Ditch

S&P downgraded the credit rating to near junk, the legislature must take decisive action to bring the state out of the credit nightmare. 

Illinois: Watered-down Illinois Property Tax ‘Freeze’ Fails to Pass House

Kansas: Governor Brownback Signs $15.6 Billion Two Year State Budget

The governor signed the new budget that includes $1.2 billion in income tax increases over two years.

Louisiana: State Budget Passes What Does That Mean for Us?

The Louisiana budget leaves a little over $200 million unaccounted for, which could easily lead to fiscal problems this year.

Louisiana: Controversial, Long-Shot Bid to raise Louisiana’s Gasoline Tax Dies

The bill would have raised the tax by 17 cents per gallon.

Maine: Budget Deadlocked Maine Lawmakers Vote to Extend Legislative Session by 5 Days

Maine: Lawmakers Debate Whether to Keep Voter-Backed Tax on Wealthy

The Governor and House Republicans want to roll back the additional 3 percent tax on households making over $200,000 that was put in effect on Jan. 1 after a voter referendum.

Maryland: New Laws Take Place July 1: Raise in Minimum Wage to $9.25

Michigan: 11 highlights of $56.5B Michigan budget headed to Snyder’s desk

The largest piece of the budget is the education spending at $16.6 billion.

Nevada: $60 Million in Tax Revenue Projected as Nevada Prepares for Recreational Marijuana

This revenue will be generated through a series of taxes on the marijuana industry. The initial proposal was to direct the new income to public education, but it will go towards the “rainy day fund.”

New Hampshire: N.H. Lawmakers Set Off For Summer After Passing New State Budget

Ohio: Legislature Oks State Budget with Medicaid Limits

The new two year budget includes a one year Medicaid freeze favored by conservatives that may cause a showdown with the governor.

Pennsylvania: Rep. Grove Frustrated by Last-Minute Budget Dealing

As the Governor calls for a $570 million increase in spending, the House is proposing a nearly $246 million decrease.

Pennsylvania: Tax and Revenue Package May Need Extra Innings

Though the budget will most likely be complete on time, the revenue package will take time to complete. There is a $2.2 billion hole that must be accounted for while the governor runs the state for 10-day window.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Senate Takes up $9.2 Billion Budget Plan

This budget includes a trial run for tuition free college and some, “General government cuts” in order to make up a $134 million shortfall. 

Tennessee: Sales Tax on Groceries Going Down

The sales tax will decrease from 5 percent to 4 percent effective July 1.

Tennessee: Gas Tax, Vehicle Registration Fees Go Up July 1

Both gasoline and diesel taxes will increase by 4 cents per gallon.

Texas: Governor Signs 2018-2019, Two-Year State Budget into Law

Governor Abbott signed the $219 billion budget after vetoing $120 million in line items.

Washington: Washington State Budget Deal Reached, But Details Remain Under Wraps

Will the new budget’s education funding meet the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision?

West Virginia: State Auditor Claims New Fiscal Year Will Start With “No Ill Effects” From Late Budget Passage

Passing the budget late will not hinder the implementation of the budget, according to the state auditor.

West Virginia: Governor Justice Lets Balanced Budget Become Law Without His Signature

Proposed income tax cuts and sales tax increases fail to be included in final bill. Gas tax increases by 3.5 cents per gallon. Four-year public higher education spending reduced by 2.4 percent.

Wisconsin: Key Issues Holding up State Budget

Republican leaders in the Assembly and Senate still need to work out the overall tax package, with special attention to early education and transportation spending.


National: Moody’s: Public Pension Liabilities Unlikely to Get a Reprieve over Next 3 years

Cumulatively, states are putting in under one tenth of the required funded to keep liabilities from growing. 

National: The Time for Pension Reform is Now

State and local unfunded liabilities are now $5.6 trillion (according to Unaccountable and Unaffordable 2016), states must act quickly to reverse the substantial debt.

Arizona: High Police and Firefighter Pensions Have Legislators Looking for Solutions

Many cities are paying in the 40 percent range and the city of Bisbee is paying 134 percent of an officer’s salary in pension liability costs.

California: Lawmakers Advance Pension Borrowing Plan

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System only has enough funding for two-thirds of itself. This plan is to borrow money and invest into CalPERS.

Colorado: Colorado Public Employees Returns 7.3 Percent for Fiscal Year

In December, the assumed rate of return was lowered to 7.25 percent from 7.5 percent.

Connecticut: Connecticut’s Malloy Strikes Tentative Deal With Public Employees

This deal freezes public wages for three years in a row in an attempt to lessen the projected two year debt of $5 billion. This deal can only hope to save $1.5 billion.

Illinois: Chicago Public Schools borrows $274 million for teachers’ pensions, seeks additional $112 million

Illinois: 80 Percent of State Teacher Pension Payments Going Towards Unfunded Liability

New Jersey: Christie’s Gamble: Transfer Lottery Funds to Troubled Pension System

New Jersey’s pension system is among the worst funded. This $13.5 billion only slightly mitigates the $235 billion in unfunded liabilities (as estimated by Unaccountable and Unaffordable 2016)

Oregon: Democrats Throw in the Towel on Corporate Tax Plan, Pension Reforms This Session

Democrat leaders concluded that they have given up trying to make major changes to the corporate tax this session.

Pennsylvania: Proposal to issue pension obligation bonds (POBs) threatens to unravel recent pension reform victory 

Pennsylvania: One Major State Takes a Smart Step Toward Avoiding Financial Disaster

Pennsylvania is taking a long term approach to reducing unfunded pension liabilities while reducing the risk to taxpayers.

Texas: Texas Enacts Dallas, Houston Pension Reform Legislation

Governor Abbott signed a Dallas police and firefighter pension reform to stave off insolvency.



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