Thursday ALEC TV at the 46th Annual Meeting

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Shoshana Weissmann of R Street Institute


Rick Graber, Bradley Foundation


Jesse Kelley, R Street Institute


James Quintero, Texas Public Policy Foundation


Steve Murphy and Javier Pena, DEA Narcos


Robby Soave, reason Magazine


Bruce DD McRae, Shelby Emmett, and Aly


Michael Medved,  The Michael Medved Show


Asa Swan, Chief Leadership Officer of Kentucky


Alan Graham of Community First! and Ellen Troxclair of TPPF


Georgia Representative Tim Barr and Aaron Gillham of ALEC


Missouri Representative Derek Grier on “Why ALEC Matters”


Tim Doescher, Heritage Foundation


Jonathan Williams, ALEC Chief Economist and VP

On SALT, One Year Later

On Rich States, Poor States


Salim Furth, Mercatus Center


James Broughel, Mercatus Center


Ian Adams, TechFreedom


Dr. Kevin Dayaratna, Heritage Foundation


Felicia Cucuru, Binti, Teneo Causes Venture


Wes Fisher, NAMA