VIDEO: High gas prices, inflation have Americans looking for relief and demanding change

ALEC TV interviewed shoppers in suburban Northern Virginia this week to get a read on how everyday Americans are dealing with inflation and record high gas prices.

ALEC TV: How are you being impacted by the higher gas prices and inflation and costs for groceries?

Shopper: Everything like gas is very expensive and the salaries is the same, they’re stuck they don’t give you more money.

ALEC TV: Has your family had to do anything differently as a result?

Shopper: We just need to work more because everything is going up, rent everything.

Shopper: It’s taking its toll with the income uh everything that we’re doing. Just to come to the grocery store. We’re down to one car. We’ve sold one car. We’re starting to see that we need to not buy things we’re used to. We have stopped going out to eat. Not sure what I’m doing for my 71st birthday. At this point I think I’m cooking but that’s to help with saving money because I don’t know what’s coming.

Shopper: My wife and I used to have three cars, one SUV. We hadv to sell it because of the gas.

Man at gas pump: This makes it so I can’t see my family or I don’t have the financial ability to do that.  On top of that, gas station prices for a pack drink and potato skins cost eight dollars. Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous. It means means that I can’t travel. I have friends wanting to sell their cars and just ride bikes for the time being.

ALEC TV: If you had a chance to say something to our elected officials what would you want to tell them?

Shopper: You can’t even record it’s that bad. We we have the worst government possibly in the history of the country right now.

Shopper: They have to do something to the prices to help them go down because everything is just going up and going up. We need change.

ALEC TV: I’m here at my neighborhood gas station –  $5.27 a gallon for gas – the  highest I have ever paid in my lifetime. So my money saving trick is to just put two or three gallons of gas in here, enough so that I can make it to Costco up the road, where I will spend about 20 to 30 minutes in line for a fill up and i’ll save about 30 to 40 cents on each gallon of gas.