Regulatory Reform

New House Bill Takes Major Strides in Overcoming Washington’s Wireless Regulatory Hurdles

On March 28, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law HB 2175, a significant step forward in promoting the Washington’s telecommunications competitiveness.

HB 2175 was fashioned to alleviate regulatory restrictions on wireless expansion in Washington state. Under current law, wireless providers must submit applications, pay large fees and obtain permits for each individual microcell facility. This long and tedious process stagnates the growth for potential cell sites thereby slowing the expansion for wireless services that provide coverage to current or would-be future consumers.

What this bill allows is the consolidation of permit applications as well as some fee reductions that hasten the application process that will enable providers to expand their services and promote independence in both the public and private sectors.

Although the bill does not solve every problem, it does make it easier for wireless providers to spread the services that growing consumer demand requires to flourish in order to foster greater economic growth in localities within the state.

Both cities and providers already agree that this is the right course of action and have concluded that this would be a great step forward that mutually benefits both consumer and provider.

For more information on HB 2175, visit Washington Policy Center blog.


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