Welcome to the AmericanLegislator, the American Legislative Exchange Council’s new blog!

We are dedicating this online forum to the more than 2,000 state legislators who call ALEC home. These legislators are committed to the principles of free enterprise, limited government, federalism and individual liberty, and they work every day to promote these ideals in states across the nation.

ALEC is excited to be launching this new effort. With posts from policy experts and members, we hope you’ll find this forum informative, enjoyable and resourceful on a daily basis. We will be discussing the most critical issues facing the states — from tax and budgets, to health care and education reform, and everything in between. As Thomas Jefferson said, “But every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.”  And, since ALEC’s legislators come from different backgrounds with differing opinions, this blog will be a lively channel for debate and edifying discussion.

Exciting things are happening around the country in 2012, and ALEC members are proud to be part of them.

Join the conversation, and enjoy your time on AmericanLegislator.org.


Representative Dave Frizzell, ALEC National Chairman