Private Enterprise Advisory Council

To better promote the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism with real-world business experience, the ALEC Board of Directors enlists an advisory team of private-sector industry leaders.

Jonathan Small

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Mike Morgan

Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC

Joseph Crosby

MultiState Associates

Sara Armstrong

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Ken Greene

Asian American Hotel Owners Assoc.

Katie Sinquefield

Sinquefield Charitable Foundation

Keith Smith

National Association of Manufacturers

Mike Kiely

United Parcel Service

Stephen Moore


Daniel Smith

Altria Client Services

Roland Spies

State Farm Insurance Companies

Don Lee

K12 Education

Marianne Eterno

Guarantee Trust Life

Bill Carmichael

American Bail Coalition

Tim Goodrich

National Federation of Independent Business

Paul Fitzpatrick

1792 Exchange

Leah Vukmir

National Taxpayers Union