Honest Transcript Act


The Honest Transcript Act looks to correct grade inflation by requiring all public colleges and universities to include on student transcripts—alongside the individual grade the student received for each class—the average grade given by the professor for the entire class. This would help potential employers learn whether a given high grade-point average signifies superlative talent or merely that the student completed undemanding courses.

The bill does not seek to make universities do anything differently; it only asks them to make transparent for students, parents, and taxpayers what it is they are doing.

Honest Transcript Act

Model Policy

Section 1. Title. This Act shall be known as the “Honest Transcript Act.”

Section 2. Definitions.

(A) In this Act:

(1) “Institution of higher education” means any public technical institute, public junior college, public senior college or university, public state college, medical or dental unit, or other agency of higher education as defined in this section.

Section 3. Average Grade Reporting on Transcripts.

(A) Subject to Subsection (C), all institutions of higher education shall include on each student’s transcript, for each course listed therein, the average grade as determined by Subsection (B).

(B) The average grade for each course shall be determined by averaging the final grades of all students that were:

(1) assigned a final grade for the same course at the same institution of higher education;

(2) assigned his or her final grade by the same professor or instructor; and

(3) assigned his or her final grade for the course during the same academic period.

(C) Institutions of higher education are exempt from the requirements of this section with respect to courses:

(1) for which the student to whom the transcript pertains is one of ten or fewer students that have received grades qualified for averaging under Subsection (B); or

(2) that are offered to students on a pass/fail basis or for independent study credit.

Section 4. Administration.

The {insert appropriate state education board} shall adopt rules necessary to administer the provisions of this Act, as soon as practicable after this Act takes effect.

Section 5. {Severability clause.}

Section 6. {Repealer clause.}

Section 7. {Effective date.}

Approved by the ALEC Legislative Board of Directors September 29, 2013.

Re-Approved By the ALEC Board of Directors: September 3, 2019