Laurel Buckley

Director, Development



Laurel oversees all individual donor correspondence for ALEC; meeting with individuals, growing financial support and managing donor outreach and communications. Not one to be idle, Laurel also takes pride in her hometown roots and serves as the regional liaison for ALEC throughout the Midwest.

Before joining ALEC, Laurel led development efforts for the American Spectator Foundation, where she created strategic plans for their programming efforts while earning her masters in Political Management from George Washington University.

In her spare time, Laurel partners her passion for the ALEC mission of supporting limited government and free markets by volunteering with like-minded organizations around D.C., such as America’s Future Foundation. She also participates in trainings hosted by the State Policy Network and the Atlas Network.

Laurel’s passion for individual freedom originated from an overbearing house rule of one bowl of ice cream each day. Luckily Laurel’s other passion of hiking through parks in D.C. and Virginia now makes that rule moot. She continues to support limited overreach into a person’s freedom and supports policies that allow economic prosperity.

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