Rep Kasperik (WY) visiting with Rep David Reis (IL)
Rep Kasperik (WY) visiting with Rep David Reis (IL)

ALEC Is a Place for Exchange

ALEC is about building connections to foster an exchange of ideas

The ALEC model is simple. We provide a forum for state lawmakers from around the country so they can share ideas and learn from each other. At meetings, members discuss what policies worked in their states and which ones didn’t. State policymakers then use these examples and take proven ideas back to their home states.

As one lawmaker put it:

“If I can learn from the successes and failures of policies tried in…other states — without harm to my constituents or spending unnecessary tax money on programs that don’t work — that’s exactly what I want to do.

“At meetings, we educate and debate one another…the American Legislative Exchange Council provides a valuable educational opportunity for me to make more informed legislative decisions.”

Our strength comes from terrific free market legislators in all 50 state legislatures. Here at ALEC, we work to bring them together. It’s the members that make the difference. It’s the members who make ALEC a success.

Many legislators become lifelong friends through their membership in ALEC. As pictured above, Representative Norine Kasperik (WY) and her husband Nick stopped by to visit with Representative David Reis (IL) at the Illinois State Capitol as they make their way out to Pittsburgh for the ALEC Spring Task Force Meeting.

We provide the opportunity for them to meet across state lines – in a way they not have had the opportunity to so before.

After one meeting, a member commented:

“It was exciting to be at the ALEC conference to talk to lawmakers from other states and to exchange ideas. There is a lot we can learn from the successes happening in Texas, Indiana and Wisconsin.”

At these meetings state legislators, entrepreneurs and research analysts gather to discuss issues and develop policy ideas because they care about their districts, their states and the country. Not everyone agrees. That is what makes the exchange of ideas important.

Meetings feature workshops, debate sessions and task force meetings. So if you’re interested in ideas –come to the ALEC meetings and find out what we are about.

Registration for our Annual Meeting is open. Come check us out.