Mia Heck

Director, Health and Human Services Task Force



Mia Heck joined ALEC in August 2015. As the HHS Task Force Director, Mia leads the nation-wide effort to promote free-market, pro-patient health care reforms at the state level. In her immediate past position she served as an executive at a Texas-based child and family services provider, where she led the strategic planning and program development efforts for the agency.

From serving as a former presidential appointee at the US Department of Health and Human Services, to her work contributing to leveraging resources in the design of community based models of care for at risk populations, Mia’s experience shows her early and lifetime commitment to furthering free market principles in government in the spheres of health and human services.

A proud Texan, Mia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government from the University of Texas at Austin; she then later earned a Healthcare MBA from George Washington University in Washington, DC. In her spare time Mia follows trends in home design, catching up with friends and family and listening to classical music.

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