The State Legislators Guide to Prescription Drug Policy

by Mia Heck

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There has been a recent public outcry about the high cost of healthcare in the United States, with prescription drug prices at the center of the debate. As a result, proposals calling for price caps on brand and specialty medicines are gaining popularity as a solution to bring down the cost of care. As with most government intervention, this approach will have the stifling effect of reducing patient access to prescription drugs, while also slowing the development of innovative new therapies for both chronic and rare disease over time.

This Guide is a primer for elected officials who wish to learn more about prescription drug policy, limit government overreach, and encourage free-market solutions so the U.S. may remain a pioneer in the development of new prescription treatments and cures. The pages ahead will outline key aspects impacting prescription drug policy and provide recommendations for lawmakers weighing legislative action that will affect the development of and patient access to medicine.