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ALEC CEO, Lisa B. Nelson, Awarded as a 2019 Business Woman of the Year

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ALEC CEO, Lisa B. Nelson, Awarded as a 2019 Business Woman of the Year

ARLINGTON, VA, August 21, 2019 – Today, Lisa B. Nelson, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the nation’s largest and oldest nonpartisan membership organization of state legislators, was recognized by CEO Today with its Business Women of the Year Award.

ALEC serves as a forum for state legislators to come together and share best practices across state lines, with their fellow state legislators. ALEC operates at the intersection between businesses and stakeholders to ensure they have an important voice in education and policy development. Our focus on less government intervention and free market policy is especially important to continue to foster our current strong business economy.

The CEO Today Business Women of the Year Awards are dedicated to recognizing the achievements and leadership of women in business and celebrates female entrepreneurs and CEOs who continue to lead in their respective sectors.

“I am pleased to be recognized by CEO Today for this award,” states Lisa B. Nelson, ALEC CEO. “The recipients include a long list of influential women CEOs, and I am honored to be among them. Leadership is about stepping up to challenges and using them to create a more successful business climate for the future. All these CEOs are passionate, dedicated, and we take the opportunities presented to us.”

Lisa B. Nelson joined ALEC in 2015. During her tenure, membership, programs and fundraising have surged annually by up to 40%. This award is being offered immediately following the 46th ALEC Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, where more legislators participated than at any other ALEC meeting during her time as CEO.


The American Legislative Exchange Council is the largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States. The Council is governed by state legislators who comprise the Board of Directors and is advised by the Private Enterprise Advisory Council, a group of private, foundation and think tank members. For more information about the American Legislative Exchange Council, please visit