Press Release

ALEC Response to Krugman’s Erroneous Claims – 3/27/12

Contrary to a few politically-motivated and poorly researched editorials and blog posts, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today is no longer involved with the private prison industry. Corrections Corporation of America is not, nor is any other private prison company, a member or supporter of ALEC.  But even more important are the substantive changes in ALEC’s approach to public safety issues.  ALEC is today an active proponent of programs that rehabilitate non-violent offenders. This “smart-on-crime” approach focuses on reforms that incorporate rehabilitation and alternatives to incarceration to reduce overcrowding and the number of non-violent offenders in prison.  These proven methods reduce recidivism, maintain public safety and help convicted offenders reenter society after serving their sentences.

Decades ago, solutions focused on being tough on crime” and mantras such as: “lock em up and throw away the key. Our reforms are based on data-driven policies that have been proven successful in states like Texas, under the leadership of Rep. Jerry Madden. ALEC legislators are committed to finding and sharing solutions for the most critical issues facing their states.  Sometimes that commitment will require us to reevaluate policies and change course.  We are not afraid to do so when the facts demand it.  We only hope that, in the future, our critics will have similar respect for the facts when they write about us.

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