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ALEC State Legislators Push Back EPA’s Onslaught of Regulations: ALEC’S EPA Regulatory Train Wreck proving to be successful

ALEC State Legislators Push Back EPA’s Onslaught of Regulations:
ALEC’S EPA Regulatory Train Wreck proving to be successful

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 14, 2011) – The American Legislative Exchange Council applauds the 34 states that have taken measures to demonstrate their disapproval with the onslaught of regulations and restrictions from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s policies are economically damaging and will not result in a significant environmental impact. The greenhouse gas regulation alone has the potential to reduce the GDP by $500 billion and increase unemployment by around 2.5 million jobs.

“The latest regulations from the EPA do not only infringe upon matters of state sovereignty, but they also show a complete disregard for fiscal responsibility,” said ALEC’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Chair Rep. David Wolkins (IN).

Since January 2011, a total of 22 states have introduced resolutions in opposition to EPA’s plan to regulate greenhouse gases, and 13 of these states have succeeded in adopting the resolution. These resolutions, modeled after ALEC’s Resolution in Opposition to EPA’s Plan to Regulate Greenhouse Gases Under the Clean Air Act, oppose EPA’s endangerment finding and any regulation of greenhouse gases, citing the massive economic burden that would result and the global nature of climate emissions.

Wyoming was the first state in the U.S. to pass a resolution resisting EPA regulation. As the top producer of affordable fuels that power economic recovery, Wyoming is a leading voice on energy policy issues.

“Wyoming supports improving air quality and has a long term record with real results. However, we have serious concerns regarding the EPA’s unattainable deadlines and their lack of understanding the costs and benefits of the restrictions they have proposed,” said ALEC’s Energy Subcommittee Chair Rep. Tom Lockhart (WY).

In 2010, the EPA began a regulatory assault on energy affordability and electric reliability. These regulations have come to be known as the “train wreck” because of their overlapping mandates and threat to the very foundation of our market-based affordable energy system. With no regard to economic realities or democratic accountabilities, the EPA has implemented these regulations with very little government oversight. Additionally, the Agency failed to do any cost-benefit analysis of their pending regulations, leaving that responsibility to state agencies.

ALEC will continue to support the efforts of state legislatures in resisting the EPA’s regulatory agenda. ALEC urges Congress to take the concerns of these states seriously and stop this regulatory train wreck in order to avoid the enormous negative impacts the EPA’s overreaching regulations will have.

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