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State Leaders Demand Support for Israel while Condemning Hamas

ALEC releases letter signed by 120 legislators across 38 states. (UPDATE 3/29: 171 legislators across 42 states)

Arlington, VA – Today, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) issued a letter signed by 120 elected officials from 38 states urging President Biden to strengthen support for Israel following the brutally unprovoked attack by Hamas on October 7th. This collective plea emphasizes the critical importance of recognizing Israel’s inherent right to defend its citizens and land, demanding resolute action against threats to its very existence.

“I’ve traveled to Israel, met with her lawmakers, and I can attest that the enduring partnership between the United States and Israel is vital to the security of both the region and the world,” stated ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson. “The time for equivocation has passed. There can be no offers of compromise or solutions of any kind until the complete and utter safety of Israel and her people has been secured.”

The joint letter – also sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee – urges President Biden to endorse “Israel’s right to pursue – without interference or condemnation – the elimination of Hamas and affiliated groups until permanently neutralized.” Notable signatories to the letter include prominent state leaders such as ALEC Board Member and Texas State Senator Phil King.

“Leaders in Texas and throughout the nation continue to stand with our ally Israel in their fight against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. In the wake of the shocking and unprovoked attack on Israel in October, we stand with the Israeli people and support Israel’s absolute right to defend themselves by putting an end to this never-ending cycle of terror,” said King.

The sophisticated attack, unachievable without significant assistance from Iran, resulted in unprecedented devastation reminiscent of the horrors witnessed during the Holocaust in World War II. Preventing Israel from directly and conclusively eliminating the threat that is Hamas will surely result in further carnage throughout the region.

Read ALEC’s model resolution affirming support for Israel.

“In the aftermath of Hamas’ savage attack against Israel, anything short of removing Hamas and its allies from Gaza will be construed as an Iranian victory which will have long-term destabilizing consequences for the region. In the interest of a humanitarian end to this crisis, the world community should be calling on Hamas, the aggressor, to surrender and to release the hostages they have held for more than three months,” said ALEC Sr. Director of Federalism, Homeland Security and International Relations Karla Jones.

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