Macron inspires France to rise

The national movements launched by France’s President Emmanuel Macron and the United States’ Donald Trump, ultimately culminating in their presidencies, provide an unparalleled view of two world leaders who share remarkable similarities but whose remedies to their countries’ challenges differ sharply.

Macron describes globalization as a positive force and marches boldly toward the future, while Trump singles out globalization as the primary source of America’s “decline,” promising to restore policies and jobs that secured prosperity in the past. A clue to the two wildly disparate approaches to common problems might lie in the perceived economic security of the people in each nation.

Both Trump and Macron never held public office before their inaugurations spending their working lives in the private sector. However, both fashioned successful movements pledging to upend the political dysfunction in their respective countries. Macron established a new party En Marché! (Onward!), and Trump refashioned the Republican Party to advance his agenda.

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