2022 ALEC Draft Model Policies Focus on the Economy, Energy, Education & MUCH MORE

In preparation for the ALEC 49th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, July 27-July 29, ALEC makes public it's 2022 new draft model policies.

By Catherine Mortensen, ALEC Public Affairs

Most ALEC draft model policies are debuted at our Annual Meeting where ALEC members, which include lawmakers and private sector stakeholders, meet in task forces to consider, debate, and amend new draft model policies.

In ALEC’s 49-year history, the organization has adopted more than 1000 model policies. A USA Today report found that between 2010 and 2018, ALEC model bills were introduced 2,900 times across all 50 states and in Congress, and had a 21% passage rate.

Below are the 2022 ALEC new Draft Model Policies to be considered at our 49th Annual Meeting.

Civil Justice Task Force Draft Model Policies

Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force

Communications and Technology Task Force Draft Model Policies

Education and Workforce Development Task Force Draft Model Policies

Energy, Environment and Agriculture Draft Model Policies

Federalism and International Relations Task Force Draft Model Policies

Health and Human Services Task Force Draft Model Policies

Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Draft Model Policies