Look to the States for a New Vision for a New Year

Excerpt from The Hill on February 12th, 2019 as written by ALEC’s CEO Lisa B. Nelson.

“Don’t be deceived by the temporary reopening of the federal government. Pollster Scott Rasmussen found the deal to end the shutdown had the approval of 73 percent of American voters but only 42 percent believe a permanent agreement can be reached within the three-week long window agreed to by President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats.

The divisions in Washington are real. So is the dysfunction but that doesn’t mean the work of government stops. There’s still plenty to be done if policymakers are willing to let the states lead in the search for solutions.”

To read more about how the states pave the way for and are the front line of the American democratic experiment and public policy, find Lisa B. Nelson’s full The Hill article here.