Previewing the ALEC Annual Meeting in Orlando: ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson on The Hugh Hewitt Show

"The American Legislative Exchange Council been around for 50 years spreading sweet reason and smart policy everywhere in the United States."

As ALEC celebrates 50 years of trusted policy solutions this year, what’s on the policy agenda for our upcoming Annual Meeting in Orlando? ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson joined The Hugh Hewitt Show to preview the Annual Meeting and discuss ALEC’s policy priorities, including three E’s: Education, the Economy, and Energy.

This is the 16th year of our Rich States, Poor States ranking, where we pit state against state to make sure that they’re competing against each other. Iron sharpens iron on this, and the states are now coming to our meetings and actually having discussions about how they can compete with one another.

The education freedom movement fits right into that calculation. The money that is spent for students per student in every in every state varies as everybody knows, and the important thing is making that money work for the child, such as in Ohio where they call it the backpack dollars. In other states, they call it universal freedom, universal education.

In Orlando, we’re going to be talking about online safety and privacy for kids. We’re talking about artificial intelligence. I think a lot of our legislators haven’t really stopped, they’ve been in session up until now, to think about how ChatGPT and other technologies are going to be following them and how they can use them to their advantage.┬áThe topic of ESG and what now some are calling “conscientious capitalism” will certainly be a big discussion.