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ALEC’s 50 Years of Trusted Policy Solutions: Lisa B. Nelson on Policy and Pound Cake Podcast

ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson was recently featured on Policy and Pound Cake, a video podcast hosted by sisters Dee and Deana Bass. Nelson talked about the ALEC mission and how it gives individuals greater freedom to prosper.

Today, limited government is just as important as it was 50 years ago when ALEC was founded. We absolutely see examples every day where government is creeping into our lives. Whether it’s our individual lives through prices and the cost of living, additional taxes, or encroachment at the federal level.

Utah has been number one on our Rich States, Poor States ranking for 15 years, which is striking. They have created an economic climate in their state that is deregulatory. If you want to start a business, if you want to send your child to different schools, if you are talking about competitive health care prices — they have built all of these into their economy.

If you trying to figure out a better life for your family, you’re going to ask, ‘How much does it cost? What’s my cost of living? What is it that’s going to make a difference to get me and my children in a situation where they are better off than I was?’

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