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ALEC Calls for Privacy Solutions to Protect Consumer Choice

ALEC has long recognized the importance of online consumer privacy and, to that end, developed model policy to ensure consumers have choices for protection when they go online. On Monday, the chairmen of the ALEC’s Communications and Technology Task Force called for the Obama Administration to protect consumers, their online privacy choices, and the growing digital economy as part of a multistakeholder process for developing a code of conduct for online consumer privacy now underway. The chairmen submitted written comments at the request of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which is coordinating the multistakeholder process.

The comment states: “Privacy is an important value, but that value should not come at the expense of curtailing a dynamic sector of the national economy and the freedom for consumers to protect their own privacy.” The entire comment is available here.

The comment is based on the ALEC Statement of Principles for Online Consumer Privacy, which was adopted in 2003. According to the Statement, “The most effective privacy policies provide notice, choice, security, and access; individuals should be free to select the policy that best fits their needs.”

ALEC submitted one of the more than 80 comments to NTIA, all of which can be found here. The organizations involved in this process include major industry and trade associations as well as advocacy groups and think tanks with views the range the entire political spectrum. ALEC was the only major state-focused group to submit comments.

The NTIA appreciates the comments. Per an NTIA spokeswoman quoted in the Wednesday, April 4, 2012 issue of POLITICO’s Morning Tech: “This input will inform what issues should be addressed through the privacy multistakeholder process and how to structure these discussions so they are open, transparent and most productive. Following our review, NTIA will promptly begin convening stakeholders to move forward to develop enforceable codes of conduct.”

Expect ALEC and its members to continue to remain involved in this important process to ensure consumers retain choices in protection when they go online.

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