ALEC in The Center Square: Higher Energy Prices Nationwide Tied to Government Policies

The Center Square covered the release of ALEC’s new Energy Affordability Report, 2nd Edition, which examines electricity and gasoline prices by state, as well as the government policies affecting them.

Americans are struggling with higher gas and energy prices around the country with some states faring worse than others, a new report from the American Legislative Exchange Council shows.

The report says “when the government inserts itself into the energy markets, taxpayers foot the bill,” adding that “inefficient government mandates driven by political interests often pick winners and losers in individual energy markets, causing, at best, skyrocketing costs through poor investment decisions.”

According to the report, Louisiana has the lowest electricity prices nationwide followed by Oklahoma, Iowa, Washington and Wyoming. The highest prices are in Hawaii, followed by Alaska, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine.

“Some states rely on free market principles and innovation to limit manmade emissions into the atmosphere, while others use a more heavy-handed approach by implementing of standards, enacting mandates and pricing schemes that benefit specific types of technologies,” the report said.

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