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New Report Finds Government Regulations Driving State Energy Costs Higher

ALEC Energy Affordability Report Reveals Which States Pay the Most for Electricity and Gasoline

Arlington, Va.  (Sept. 29, 2022) – Today, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released its Energy Affordability Report – 2nd Edition, which provides a snapshot of both electricity and gasoline prices by state. The study reveals a distinct relationship between bigger government and higher energy costs – and how prices vary significantly among different sectors and sources across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

View state rankings here.

The report explains that inefficient government mandates driven by political interests often pick winners and losers in individual energy markets, causing, at best, skyrocketing costs through poor investment decisions.

Lowest Electricity Prices Highest Electricity Prices
1. Louisiana 1. Hawaii
2. Oklahoma 2. Alaska
3. Iowa 3. Connecticut
4. Washington 4. Rhode Island
5. Wyoming 5. Maine
Lowest Gasoline Prices Highest Gasoline Prices
1. Missouri 1. California
2. Oklahoma 2. Hawaii
3. Kansas 3. Nevada
4. Arkansas 4. Alaska
5. Maryland 5. Washington


In addition to analyzing state electricity prices, the report compares states in three primary and common energy policies: Renewable Portfolio Standard, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative/Cap-and-Trade, and State-Mandated Net Metering.

Read the complete report here.

“When crafting energy and environmental policies, lawmakers should avoid imposing more government control and instead allow markets to adapt, innovate and improve,” said author, ALEC’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Manager Joe Trotter. “This is the more efficient, effective, and cost-saving solution to today’s environmental challenges.”

This year, Americans experienced record high gas prices not seen since 2008. The nation continues to battle record inflation and experience pain at the gasoline pump.

“Now more than ever, Americans realize the need to have affordable and dependable sources of energy,” said ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams. “Our new report highlights some of the key policy choices state policymakers face as they work to make their states more affordable for hardworking taxpayers and more competitive for job creators.”

“As Americans head into winter, many are worried about the cost of heating their homes,” noted ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson. “This report is an ideal tool for policy makers looking for ways to help bring more affordable energy to their states.”


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