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ALEC on Hugh Hewitt Show: Hispanics Want Opportunities, Not Handouts

Hispanics just want to work. We want to be able to make a better life for our families. We want our children to grow up with opportunity. It is literally that simple.

Nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt broadcast live from the ALEC 49th Annual Meeting in Atlanta and spoke with Rep. Danny Perez of Florida, the 2023 ALEC National Chairman. Rep. Perez is a Cuban American and explains to Hewitt why so many Hispanics are moving toward limited government views in their politics. Here are highlights of their conversation:

Hugh Hewitt: Why are you here at the ALEC Annual Meeting?

Rep. Danny Perez: ALEC is the association for all people and it’s why I really got involved in ALEC. I think a lot of people are missing the fact that the majority of the population in the United States, sooner rather than later, is going to be Hispanic. Across the board, the conservative  movement hasn’t done a good enough job of reaching out to Hispanics.  They’ve tried, but it hasn’t been successful. Hispanics are people with family values, a work ethic and morals. That is the Republican Party. And I think right now as a young Hispanic, whose families fled communism, I can share a personal story and bring that population to the conservative movement. And I think it starts with ALEC. ALEC is the organization for that movement.

Hugh Hewitt: Why are Hispanic voters coming to the conservative movement? The numbers are there. Democrats are scared to death.

Rep. Danny Perez: They should be.

Hugh Hewitt:  Look at our polling in Florida showing that it’s not just the Cubans. Those are the days of Old Right. Now you’re getting Nicaraguans. I mean you got to think Central and South America. Their governments are turning towards the left. Colombia has just elected a basically socialist presidents.

Rep. Danny Perez: Exacly. So now you have Colombia and Argentina. They’re all going in the direction of Venezuela. And then you’re looking at the United States. Those people don’t want the process of of Venezuela. They want the process of the United States. Hispanics have figured that out, they have spent a lot of time to get to this country. Legally. The ones that should be here legally. All they want is opportunity. Colombia is not giving them opportunity. They are  taking it away. The United States gives us that opportunity. We just want to work. We want to be able to make a better life for our families. We want our children to grow up with opportunity. It is literally that simple. This country gives it to us the Republican Party helps us get to where we want to go. And they’re noticing that we don’t want the handouts. Just give us the opportunity to work. Don’t take my taxes, leave it in my pocket. Let me put that into education. Let me put that into clothing. I don’t want to give it to the government. The government doesn’t know what to do with their dollar more than I would more than I know. And the Republicans have preached that message for a long time that Hispanics have picked up on it.

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