ALEC Policy Champions: West Virginia Del. Michael Hornby and Sen. Michael Azinger Preserve Health Care Freedom

ALEC is honored to recognize policy champions who not only embody the ALEC principles of free markets, federalism, and limited government, but who also advance principled policy solutions in their states. Today, we recognize West Virginia Delegate Michael Hornby and Senator Michael Azinger for their efforts to preserve health care freedom.

Delegate Hornby and Senator Azinger worked hard to protect the freedom to choose health care sharing by championing HB 4809 in their respective chambers. Thirty states have passed safe harbors similar to ALEC’s Health Care Sharing Ministries Freedom to Share Act. Advocates fought efforts to impose overly burdensome regulations and restrictions in many of those states. The 2024 legislative session saw an additional three states take steps to join the others in protecting health care sharing.

We have discussed the importance of health care sharing as an option for patients and why it should be protected. Our health care system should strive to give patients safe and convenient options for accessing treatment and paying for their health care. Health care sharing is a popular alternative to traditional health insurance and meets the needs of many Americans.

The freedom to choose is just as important in health care as other areas of life. Patients should be able to pick the options that best meet their needs. One size fit all doesn’t work for everyone. For that reason, we celebrate Delegate Michael Hornby and Senator Michael Azinger for their efforts to preserve these freedoms for patients and are proud to call them ALEC Policy Champions.

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