ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson with 2016 National Chairman Senator Leah Vukmir and 2014 National Chairman Speaker Linda Upmeyer
ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson with 2016 National Chairman Senator…

All Issues Are Women’s Issues

As we close out Women’s History Month, we’re hearing a lot about famous women who fought for their noble causes throughout history. We’ve all heard of the term “women’s issues.” But what is a woman’s issue today? And what should be the focus of those looking to improve the lives of ordinary women in America?

Women want real solutions, not alarmist rhetoric and gender-baiting from the political and media elite.

Whether she’s a single mother paying the electricity bill at the kitchen table, a teacher preparing her students for an exam, a small business owner trying to cope with an overreaching regulatory state or a retiree concerned about her pension, all issues touch a woman’s life.

Every issue is a women’s issue—and women deserve legislators who will fight for them.

  • Women want to ensure that our children have access to a quality education and that every parent has the right to decide what is best for his or her child.
  • Women, especially the struggling, want affordable and reliable energy resources.
  • Women want an environment that fosters job growth and opportunity for the next generation.
  • Women want access to affordable healthcare.
  • Women want an efficient, accountable and effective government that understands its proper limits and doesn’t pretend to know what’s best for everyone.

Female state legislators from across the country are making history and leading the way on issues such as these—not because they are distinctly women’s issues, but because they are critical to the future of this country. Our future is driven by our dedication to these principles, not by our gender.