All of the Above Jobs

American resources, including coal, oil, gas, wind, solar, and the ingenuity of our scientists should all be given equal opportunity to create “all of the above” energy jobs across the states. President-elect Trump has the opportunity to calibrate national energy policy to support source-neutral innovation in the energy sector. This can create prosperity and improve environmental quality.

The energy sector already employees approximately 3.6 million Americans in areas that include production, transmission, distribution, and storage of energy from all sources. Improvements to domestic policy that President-elect Trump should consider to unleash even more new energy jobs and careers are explored in this recent editorial in The Hill.

Read the full editorial here: “Trump Take Note, All of the Above Means All of the Above Jobs.”


In Depth: Energy

It is difficult – and perhaps even impossible – to overstate the relationship between readily available access to safe, affordable and reliable energy and individual prosperity and economic wellbeing. This is because energy is an input to virtually everything we produce, consume and enjoy in society. Think for a minute…

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