Appreciating the Women of ALEC During Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month, and at ALEC we have thousands of female state leaders to thank for leading fearlessly, committing to the principles of limited government, free market and federalism and leaving their mark on this country’s great history.

Last year, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the enactment of the 19th Amendment, the ALEC and ACCE Women’s Caucus celebrated the women that came before us. This year, we also celebrate the women making history in 2021. At present over 30% of state legislators are women, the highest percentage ever. All issues are women’s issues, at every level of government. Now in state legislatures, more female leaders than ever use their voice and ideas to bring solutions back to their communities.

Not only did we take our seats at the table, but we’re running the conversation, too. More women than ever are in state leadership roles, setting agendas and molding statehouse policy. Many of those leadership roles are filled by ALEC legislators, who all lead their states with free market principles:

  • Arizona Senate President Karen Fann
  • Georgia Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones
  • Louisiana Senate President Pro Tem Beth Mizell
  • Maine House Minority Floor Leader Kathleen Dillingham
  • Nevada Assembly Minority Floor Leader Robin Titus
  • North Carolina House Majority Leader Sarah Stevens
  • Oklahoma Senate Majority Floor Leader Kim David

As an organization designed to provide continual learning and improvement opportunities for our members and friends, many continue on in their life of public service after their term as a state legislator or local decision maker comes to an end. The reason is simple: ALEC members have the know-how to make an impact wherever they go. In 2020, nine of our female ALEC legislators were elected to Congress. At our 2020 States and Nation Policy Summit, I had the opportunity to sit down with Representative Victoria Spartz and 2020 ALEC and ACCE Iron Lady Award Recipient Representative Yvette Herrell to discuss what to expect from ALEC alumni in Congress. Now, we are seeing it in action.

These women are a few of the many women from ALEC who, wherever they go, do good work for Americans at all levels of government. All issues are women’s issues, and when we allow principled leaders to bring free-market solutions and ideas to the table, we empower more American voices and perspectives.