Lisa documents her trip with a photo of the Capitol
Lisa documents her trip with a photo of the Capitol

CEO Lisa B. Nelson Meets with Members in Ohio

CEO Lisa B. Nelson continued her tour of state capitols with a visit to Columbus, Ohio last week. Lisa met with ALEC Board Member Senator Bill Seitz and leaders in the Ohio House and Senate to discuss the strides the Buckeye State has made to advance economic freedom.

Earlier this year, ALEC reported in Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index how Ohio has cut taxes for hardworking Americans. Ohio cut income taxes across all brackets by 6.3 percent. Due to these developments, among several others, Ohio was able to improve their state ranking in the ALEC Economic Outlook Rank. The first year of this publication, Ohio was ranked 47th and now – eight years later – has improved its position to 23rd place.

Ohio has also passed reforms that closely follow ALEC model policy on criminal justice reform.  Policymakers moved away from incarceration for nonviolent juvenile offenders and toward treatment and alternative programs.

The growth in Ohio is due to the great membership we see there. The ALEC-Ohio partnership holds strong, with nearly 50 percent of Ohio lawmakers joining as members of ALEC.

Lisa loved visiting Ohio and seeing the members in action. She appreciates all the hard work of the Ohio state chairs and leadership for their support of ALEC and the Ohio delegation. We look to draw on the expertise there as we grow membership throughout the country.