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Colorado Offers Gold Standard for Fiscal Restraint: ALEC in National Review

While the politically motivated attacks against it will undoubtedly continue, TABOR represents a fiscal-policy achievement Coloradans should be proud of and defend.


By Jonathan Williams and Nick Stark, Nov. 3, 2022

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), one of the best-known state tax and expenditure limits (TELs) in America. While it has returned billions of dollars to, and provided important protection for, hardworking Colorado taxpayers over the past three decades, TABOR continues to be subject to unrelenting political attacks from its tax-and-spend opponents, as well as appalling judicial activism from Colorado courts.

TABOR is a state constitutional amendment that limits the amount of revenue Colorado lawmakers can retain and spend to a reasonable formula of population plus inflation growth. If the state government collects more tax revenue than TABOR allows, the money is returned to taxpayers as a refund. Just this year, Colorado taxpayers will receive nearly $4 billion in TABOR refund checks.

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