Criminal Justice

Community Corrections and Clean Slates: Ideas States Can Undertake on Their Policy Plates

2020 ALEC Annual Meeting Workshop

This panel will discuss the intersection and relatedness between community corrections and clean slate policies, which enable human opportunity and lower recidivism rates. Some states have addressed these issues and have reaped the benefits. Join us to learn how these issues can both have a transformative impact on corrections and empower individuals.


  • David Safavian, American Conservative Union
  • Chelsea Murphy, Right on Crime
  • Scott Peyton, Right on Crime
  • Dave Sunday, York County Attorney General
  • Representative Sheryl Delozier, Pennsylvania House of Representative

In Depth: Criminal Justice

The American Legislative Exchange Council is proud to be a leader on criminal justice reform. For over a decade, the ALEC task force on criminal justice has brought state legislators and stakeholders together for the purpose of driving sound criminal justice policies. ALEC members focus on new and innovative state…

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