Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Task Force: Policy Prescriptions to Address Economic and Health Care Challenges in the Face of COVID-19

The Criminal Justice Task Force details possible solutions to public policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resolution on Criminal Justice Fines and Fees

Especially in light of the economic downturn, individuals should not be burdened with high court fines or fees.

Resolution in Support of Limiting Driver’s License Suspensions to Violations Involving Dangerous Driving

Suspending licenses for conduct unrelated to dangerous driving does not increase the safety of those on the road. In fact, preventing individuals from driving may impact their ability to buy groceries, medicine, or other products during a time of an emergency. It may also impact those employees who may need to drive to get to work. Especially in times of an emergency, individuals need to have the ability to purchase essential products.

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Resolution in Support of Justice Reinvestment

This policy will be crucial for states trying to save money on their corrections budget — without sacrificing public safety. As states look for ways to save money, reducing the rate of incarceration is one possible way, but we all need to remember that some of the savings need to be reinvested into programs to help individuals not commit new crimes.

Prison Visitations

States have been curtailing prison visitations to slow the spread of the virus. This will lead to family members being unable to see each other. These visits are often a glimmer of hope during a prisoner’s term of incarceration. In order to facilitate continued contact, prisons should set up designated times where prisoners can contact their family members via phone or video.

Policy prescriptions developed by our members can be found in ALEC Connect.

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