Dr. Arthur Laffer: Governors Scorecard Ensures Voters Have Tools to Hold Governors Accountable

"Americans deserve the very best when it comes to their governments. They want government to serve them with full accountability."

Dr. Arthur Laffer explains how the Laffer-ALEC Governors Scorecard will help Americans hold their governors accountable. “The governors report has two primary funcations,” Laffer explained in a YouTube video. “One is to tell the governors what we think are the very best policies they can be putting into place and so they can look at what they do and how they rank with respect to those policies. If they want higher rankings they can do more of those things that we like and less of the things that we don’t like. But it’s also for the voters to use. The voters deserve to know what is going on in their states so they can come up to election time, they can choose the government they want. People, we believe, deserve the government they get. And if these people are informed as to how the governors have performed and how they have promised to perform, they can be held accountable. That is really important.”

Laffer explained that the Laffer-ALEC scorecord looked at 12 factors to score the governors, including taxes, gross state product, unemployment, unionization and education.

“The very best governors tend to be the governors that govern the least,” explained Laffer. “These are not power grabbers. They tend to leave most of the decisions they can to the people in the state and only intercede when they have to intercede.”