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The Latest Rich States, Poor States Rankings: Jonathan Williams on The Hugh Hewitt Show

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Chief Economist and Executive Vice President of Policy, spoke with Hugh Hewitt about states that won and states that lost in the latest edition of Rich States, Poor States.

This is economics 101. As long as Americans have this amazing opportunity with our Founding Fathers allowing us to choose the type of government that we want and freedom of association, there’s no such thing as building a wall between two states.

California would probably be building it today because look at this massive out migration away the state. Also, if you’ve seen New York, it is down 2 million Americans over the last 10 years on net. I was just in Albany earlier this week with conservatives at the capitol. They’re 50 out of 50 in Rich States, Poor States now for 15 out of 17 editions.

There’re just some states that can’t get out of their own way. However, there are some very good ones that are moving in the right direction. There’s so much optimism you have happening at the state level compared to this gridlock here. It’s not the doom and gloom happening here in DC.

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