Five Awesome Tweets from the National School Choice Week Kickoff

National School Choice Week, a weeklong celebration in support of educational options for American families, kicked off the work week with a Tweetup Monday afternoon with the hashtag #SchoolChoice. Here are some of the best tweets from around the country.
















Over 21,000 events celebrating school choice will be held during this year’s record-breaking School Choice Week, a testament to the millions of parents, students, educators, and policymakers all over the country who are coming together to support empowering parents with more educational options.

Check out your area’s National School Choice Week events here, and your state’s school choice ranking at!

In Depth: Education

An excellent education has long been recognized as key to the American Dream. Unfortunately, the current monopolistic and expensive K-12 education system is failing our students, leaving them unprepared for college, careers, or life. Similarly, our higher education system is leaving students with higher debt burdens and fewer career guarantees…

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