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How Overturning Chevron Affects Us: Nino Marchese on the Tim Jones & Chris Arps Show

This decision was a great first step in waking up America.

ALEC Criminal & Civil Justice Task Force Director, Nino Marchese, appeared on the Tim Jones and Chris Arps show discussing the latest Supreme Court ruling overturning the Chevron doctrine and its impact going forward.

Marchese explained to Jones and Arps that the new ruling mandates federal courts no longer defer automatically to agency interpretations. Instead, judges must engage directly in interpreting the law, a responsibility traditionally vested in the judiciary. This shift aims to ensure that laws are applied as intended by Congress, rather than as interpreted by unelected officials.

Not every human experience in the English language can be captured, especially in the law and that inevitably leads to gray areas. When somebody has an issue with the law the whole point is to go to the court and have each side have legal advocates where their attorneys argue the best arguments, they can for either side. The court then interprets the law, and comes down with a ruling. The Chevron deference destroyed that concept and responsibility of the court, because it said those judges had to refer to whatever some unelected bureaucrat decided what the law means, even though that is not their responsibility.

I think this Chevron decision was a great first step in waking up America to realize that we need to hold bureaucrats accountable and rein in their authority, because they’re not lawmakers that we can just vote out.

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