Environmental Stewardship

Jonathan Williams and Karla Jones Interviewed on I Spy Radio

Jonathan Williams, Vice President of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform, spoke with Dr. Mark on I Spy Radio in Oregon about the continued trend of Americans moving to states with fiscal policies that protect taxpayers and reward hard work.

Dr. Mark then spoke with Karla Jones, Director of the ALEC Task Force on International Relations on Federalism, about the recent ALEC report, Federally Managed Lands in the West: The Economic and Environmental Implications for the States. Karla explained the economic and environmental benefits to transferring public lands back to the states, the obstacles to the process and the success of devolution of lands in Canada. To learn more, listen to the full interview below.

In Depth: Environmental Stewardship

Listen to any news broadcast, read any press release from an environmental advocacy group or simply watch the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) propose new regulation after new regulation, and it would be nearly impossible to not come away concerned or even fearful of imminent environmental disaster. It should come…

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