Legislator of the Week: Maryland Delegate Trent Kittleman

This week, ALEC and FreedomWorks introduce Maryland State Delegate Trent Kittleman. Delegate Kittleman is a member of the Criminal Justice Reform Task force and the Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Taskforce at ALEC.  She has served in numerous influential roles including President and CEO of the Maryland Transportation Authority and Senior Counsel and Vice President of Legislative Affairs for Marriott International. She also started her career writing a weekly political column in the Howard County News and Columbia Flier and says, “Even today, I wouldn’t change a word”.


Why did you run for office?

I’ve been involved in politics for the last 50 years.  I ran twice before in races I knew I couldn’t win.  In 2014, there was an open seat in a Republican district- finally an opportunity to actually affect policy.

In your view, what is the biggest issue facing your state?

Because Democrats have a veto-proof majority, they continue to pass very anti-small-business legislation.

If you could “wave your magic wand,” what would you like to see immediately implemented in your state?

If I could wave a magic wand I would get rid of prevailing wage and make Maryland a right-to-work state.

What project or law are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my weekly newsletter during session.

How has ALEC helped you as a legislator?

Model legislation discussed at ALEC conferences has helped me as a legislator.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself that’s not in your official bio?

I have an honorable discharge from the US Marine Corps.