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Let’s Bring Greater Transparency to Property Taxes: Jonathan Williams on The Doug Wagner Show (Cedar Rapids)

Increase transparency to let individual taxpayers know what's driving their property tax bills.

ALEC Chief Economist and Executive Vice President of Policy Jonathan Williams was recently featured on WMT Radio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa talking about the need for greater transparency in property taxes.  ALEC Truth in Taxation model policy — featured in our new Essential Policy Solutions for 2023 — addresses this issue.

“How we at ALEC approach it is, let’s have a frank discussion about the relative size of government at the local level. What’s the driver of property taxes? Let’s add transparency to the mix so individual taxpayers know what’s driving their property tax bill. If they want to do something about their property taxes, if they think they are too high, they know the appropriate level of government to talk to.”

Listen to full interview here: